Erosion: Maximum Suffering LP


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🇺🇸 United States Budget & Standard December 17th
🇺🇸 United States Express December 19th
🎖️ Military Budget & Standard December 9th
🎖️ Military Express December 16th
🌎 International Budget November 26th
🌎 International Standard November 28th
🌎 International Express December 17th

Track Listing:

1) Maximum Suffering
2) Everything Is Fucked
3) Need For Death
4) Human Error
5) Serpent Lust
6) The Crone
7) Deep In Hell
8) We Have Failed Us
9) Scorched Earth
10) Black Waves
11) Storm Of Steel
12) Dusted
13) Consumed

Fully damaged crust illness from the dank recess of Vancouver’s rat infested alleys. Moldy guitars and a cantankerous rhythm section set the backdrop for truly sickening sermonizing from BC's most handsome sociopath. Features 3/4 of Baptists, 1/3 of SUMAC and some other persons of disreputable character.

Produced by Erosion and Kurt Ballou. Mastered by James Plotkin. Cut for vinyl by Telegraph Mastering. Artwork by Grady Gordon. Edition of 600 copies - 200 on white, 400 on the bleakest black .

Pre-order customers will receive a digital download on release date.

Sitting against the dissolving tides of the Salish Sea, Vancouver B.C. feels like the last metropolitan outpost in Canada’s sparsely populated Western expanses. It’s a cultural microcosm harboring many unsung artists—their backs up against the unforgiving U.S. border to the South and their lifeline to the Eastern hubs of Ontario and Quebec cut-off by countless miles of mountains and plains. Touring bands know that Vancouver is a necessary stop on any West Coast run, but few Vancouver bands have the means to play shows beyond a few outlying cities. So while denizens of the Saltwater City have basked in the low-tuned riff bombardment and knuckle-dragging crossover savagery of Erosion for nearly seven years, the rest of the world has unfortunately been left out of the secret.

Maximum Suffering is Erosion’s first full-length album and first release since 2013’s Kill Us All cassette EP. Self-described as a “cathartic audio expulsion of our collective contempt for humanity,” Maximum Suffering combines the reductionist brutalism of early grind outfits, the blazing tempos of classic d-beat hardcore, and the warped stomp-and-crush riffage of modern death metal’s most nefarious troglodytes. Starting with the opening title track’s turbine tremolo-picked guitar lines and crusty call-to-arms riffs, Erosion unleashes a ceaseless torment of negative hardcore across thirteen tracks. On songs like “Human Error”, the band takes the punishing lurch-and-mangle of classic powerviolence acts and ramps it up with adroit musicianship and meaty, blown-out tones. On “The Crone”, the band drops the kind of profoundly primitive half-time banger that’s sure to make every other riff-monger smack their head in “why didn’t I think of that” amazement. But Erosion can also weave a thornier cluster of ire and bile, as evidenced on the nimble two-minute attack “Black Waves”. Maximum Suffering closes with the band’s tour de force “Consumed”, an utterly devastating overview of Erosion’s misanthropic musical tactics.

The world might have heard of Erosion a little sooner if the members weren’t busy sharing duties in a handful of other projects. Guitarist Nick Yacyshyn, drummer Danny Marshall, and bassist Andrew Drury are more widely known for their work in Vancouver’s beloved hardcore veterans Baptists. Rick O’Dell was snagged from his bass duties with sludgy classic rockers Tobeatic and punk rippers Hard Feelings to join Erosion on second guitar while vocalist Jamie Hooper was recruited for the vitriol he unleashed with the triumphant metal export 3 Inches of Blood and the grimy punk band Congress. Given their pedigree, it’s no small wonder that Maximum Suffering exudes the kind of ugliness that only comes from artists steeped in the art of musical ferocity. Hydra Head Records is proud to unleash Erosion upon the world with digital formats and a vinyl edition of Maximum Suffering on October 19, 2018.